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How hard water affects your hair

How hard water affects your hair

15th April 2016

Our hair and our skin go through a lot on a daily basis that we don’t even think about. Besides bleaching, colouring, and using heat tools, damaged hair can occur from simply getting washed. For our skin, some problems we deal with daily are dryness, breakouts, itchiness and more.  The answer to all of these common skin and hair problems could be due to our water supply.

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Is hard water damaging your hair?Can hard water cause itchy scalp or dry hair?

Different countries, regions and towns can all have different water coming through the tap. The big question is, is it hard water or soft water? Have you ever gone on holiday and had the best hair or the dullest limp hair of your life? That could be due to the change in hardness of water. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium from limestone, chalk or marble deposits, which are not a health concern, but cause dry skin as well as dry and dull hair, making both look unhealthy. Besides having hair problems, you can tell if you have hard water by indications of stains in sinks, showers, toilets, and more. 

Hard water could make your hair feel dry, dull or even damaged. Moreover, hard water can also cause dry itchy scalp or even flaky scalp. Using soft water or water softeners can help you completely overcome scalp problems as well as hair problems, bringing the healthy look back. Frizzy or damaged hair would benefit from soft water making it easier to tame and smooth. When taking a soft water shower you do not have to use nearly as much soap, shampoo or body wash as when you shower with hard water, because it lathers more quickly and there are less minerals in the water that bind to other molecules. This prevents damaged and dull hair that is caused by hard water. 

Soft water as a dry hair treatment 

For hard water hair users your hair may feel dull and dry. Long term exposure to hard water on your hair can sometimes lead to weighing your hair down with extra minerals. Hair professionals suggest using a dry hair treatment such as hair mask or repair oil to counteract this feeling. However, this only helps you fix the problem after it has already occurred. A long term hard water solution in your home can completely prevent this hair and skin problem from happening. A whole home solution would be investing in a water softener that removes all of the annoying minerals, leaving you with soft water, healthy hair and skin.

So what can you do?

Short term solution is investing in hair products to counteract your problem areas. A long term solution would be investing in a whole home water softener, which also prevents damaged hair and benefits your skin, laundry, cooking, etc. 

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